A compliant system isn't necessarily a secure one

Hackers don't care about compliance

Most enterprise data breaches occur in companies or business units with excellent adherence to regulatory provisions.

Data breaches and cyber-attacks successfully happen when a company or group only skims the surface of its cyber security rules in order to simply check off some legal or regulatory boxes, but misses the big picture of real cybersecurity. It's like passing an open-book test with flying colors, but flunking the real-world exam.

This often comes from relying too much on people saying 'yeah, we're secure' rather than having computer systems actually prove it. So, even though on paper everything looks good and up to the mark, in reality, there are significant gaps and weak spots that can be missed or ignored. It's a quirky situation where you are technically playing by the rules but are still leaving the door open for trouble. This situation kind of defeats the whole purpose of creating a genuinely secure and tight ship to sail in the rough cyber waters.

Wondering if your enterprise is in compliance with regulatory cyber provisions, but yet is still insecure?

At Netspective, we believe in going beyond the conventional compliance frameworks to delve into a holistic analysis of your cybersecurity posture. Our Compliant Insecurity™ technical and business advisory service not only helps you identify where you stand in terms of regulatory compliance but also checks the effectiveness of your existing security measures against real-world cyber threats.

By shedding light on potential vulnerabilities and providing a roadmap to bolster cybersecurity, Netspective’s Compliant Insecurity™ review and advisory service identifies an organization’s computer framework, identifies threat levels, and then robustly transitions the organization’s system from a state of being merely compliant with the bare-minimum regulatory provisions into a realm of robust, machine-validated, and continuously monitored security assurance. It's not just about meeting industry standards, but rather exceeding them to foster a resilient digital infrastructure capable of withstanding the evolving cyber adversities. We utilize humans as well as tools like Opsfolio™ software to deliver the Compliant Insecurity™ assessment and advisory service to organizations of any size and complexity. Through a comprehensive assessment and actionable insights, Netspective’s Compliant Insecurity™ advisory service empowers your journey towards transcending traditional compliance boundaries and embracing a future of fortified cybersecurity.

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Check out Shahid's Risk management briefing that was presented live at the Federal Computer Security Manager's Forum Offsite on Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at NIST Headquarters in Gaithersburg, MD. Risk management can be done top-down, bottom-up, middle-out, or some combination. Many of our government and commercial institutions have insecure systems because they confuse compliance with security when reviewing their enterprise as well as cybersecurity risks.